Blog Columnists


Alexandra DeCandia is a senior in Columbia College (’15) studying Environmental Biology (Ecology & Evolution). Enamored of all faunal species marine and terrestrial (except for mosquitos… she does NOT like mosquitos), Alexandra intends to pursue a career in the science of wildlife conservation. As a result of this penchant for all things cute and/or fluffy, her column will predominantly feature stories from the conservation world that highlight current threats and mitigation strategies relevant to endangered species around the globe.




Julia Zeh is a freshman in Columbia College (’18) planning on majoring in Environmental Biology and possibly concentrating in Physics. Her favorite things include marine biology, young adult fiction, creative writing, and physics and math pickup lines. Julia loves animals and can often be found sharing her multitude of weird animal facts, especially about octopuses, with her friends.





Kimberly Shen is currently a sophomore in Columbia College (’16) majoring in English. She enjoys writing and hopes to someday pursue a career in journalism. Her personal ambitions include traveling the world and learning a new language. When she is not busy with schoolwork, she can be found curled up in her room watching Korean dramas and anime.






Tiago Palmisano is a Biology major in Columbia College (’17) from Newark, New Jersey. His column centers on recent advancements in medical biology, including pathology, biochemistry, and biophysics, with the goal of providing a better understanding of the world. Besides science, Tiago enjoys playing basketball, acoustic guitar, and hanging out with friends. He hopes to one day attend med-school.




996133_10204531234468626_1802435373689430307_n (1)


Jack Zhong is studying Neuroscience and Behavior in Columbia College (’16). Other topics that interest him include (but are not limited to): artificial intelligence, space exploration, renewable energy, music, and food. His favorite scientists and inspirational people include: Nicola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Albert Einstein. After graduation, Jack hopes to attend medical school. In his spare time, Jack enjoys playing basketball, running, reading news articles, listening/playing music, and attending concerts/events.



Ian Cohn


Ian Cohn is a Biophysics major from the Philadelphia area and is a member of Columbia College’s class of 2016. While his main interest is in infectious diseases, Ian has a broad range of interests in scientific fields, including physics, medicine, and bioethics. In his spare time, Ian likes to play and listen to music, as well as indulge in many Netflix classics. After graduation, he hopes to take time off to travel, after which he will pursue an M.D./Ph.D. program. Besides being a Blog Columnist for CSR, Ian serves as the Bioethics Committee Co-Chair and Treasurer for Columbia’s chapter of the American Medical Students’ Association, and works at a malaria research lab at the Columbia Medical Center.



Ashley Koo is a first-year in Columbia College (’18) planning on majoring in Biology and concentrating in French. She enjoys reading and writing scientific literature, particularly on her main interests, regenerative medicine and biomedical engineering. Ashley’s interests are currently being fueled by working at an osteoarthritis lab in Columbia. In her free time, she likes to hone her French, do pilates, and slip into a metaphysical, contemplative state of mind. Ashley is from Toronto, Canada, and doesn’t mind the blizzards and hailstorms of New York.


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