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Karen “Sophie” Park is a junior at Columbia College (’16) studying Biochemistry. You can ask her about what it’s like to have lived in places known for getting heaps of snow (Buffalo, NY), months without rain (Mesa, AZ), and everything in between (Blacksburg, VA). Outside of academics, she enjoys producing videos with Final Cut Pro, dissects fruit fly ovaries, and will always find time to play the drum set, piano, or clarinet. Her lifelong personal ambitions include becoming fluent in Castellano (the “cooler,” Argentinean version of Spanish!”) and making a positive difference in the world. Professionally, she would like to dedicate her time working in the medical field.

Audrey Shi Photo


Content Editor:

Audrey Shi is a sophomore at Columbia College (’17) hoping to major in Biology and Statistics. She likes enjoying tea and coffee, watching figure skating, catching up with TV shows, tutoring, and learning languages like Chinese and French. In the future, she’d like to travel abroad to Europe at some point, as well as pursue a career in medicine.


Content Reviewer:

David Dai is a sophomore at Columbia College (’17). He plans on majoring in Neuroscience or Biochemistry. Born in Manhattan, Kansas, he finds it slightly amusing that now he can call both the Little Apple and the Big Apple his homes. David is an avid swimmer, soccer player, and Game of Thrones enthusiast. One day, he aspires to become a neuroscience researcher and/or a physician.




Layout Editor:

Hannah Park is a junior in Columbia Engineering (’16) majoring in Chemical Engineering. She loves movies, animations, and music. Hannah is always welcoming new members into her Board of Layout Designers, so feel free to contact her if interested!



Chief Illustrator:

As an English major, Kimberly Shen is currently a junior in Columbia College (’16). She enjoys writing and hopes to someday pursue a career in journalism. Her personal ambitions include traveling the world and learning a new language. When she is not busy with schoolwork, she can be found curled up in her room watching Korean dramas and anime.


Blog Content Managers:

Nair Photo


Aditya Nair is a sophomore in Columbia College (’17). He is planning to major in biochemistry and trying to also major in astronomy.  He spends most of his time conducting research at CUMC, where he assists in neuroscience research in C. Elegans. In his spare time, Aditya enjoys playing, watching, and following soccer.






Tina Liu is a sophomore in Columbia College (‘17) majoring in Environmental Science and possibly concentrating in Slavic Studies. Aside from her paleoclimate research at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, she spends her free time as an amateur poet, avid reader and blogger, and philosophy enthusiast. She dabbles in language and astronomy, plays flute, trumpet, and basketball, listens to country music, and watches crime dramas. But most of all, she loves to use her imagination and listen to or tell silly stories.



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