Blog Columnists


Ian MacArthur is a Biochemistry major in the Columbia College (’16) from Tenafly, New Jersey. His column centers on new advances in molecular biology, including genetics, proteomics, and disease treatment. Besides writing about science, Ian enjoys reading Albert Camus novels, watching Braveheart, and listening to Phish. His favorite animal is the American bison.




Alexandra DeCandia is a junior in Columbia College (’15) studying Environmental Biology (Ecology & Evolution). Enamored of all faunal species marine and terrestrial (except for mosquitos… she does NOT like mosquitos), Alexandra intends to pursue a career in the science of wildlife conservation. As a result of this penchant for all things cute and/or fluffy, her column will predominantly feature stories from the conservation world that highlight current threats and mitigation strategies relevant to endangered species around the globe.


Nair Photo


Aditya Nair is a freshman in Columbia College (’17) hoping to major in Neuroscience & Behavior and Economics-Philosophy. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, working out, and eating long meals with friends.






From Buffalo, New York, Erik Schiferle is a senior at Columbia College (’14). He is an English major on the Pre-Med track. However, he recently decided that he wants to pursue a career in Pharmacology. He will be enrolling as a post-baccalaureate next fall to prepare for graduate school. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and powerlifting.




Kellie Lu


Kellie Lu is a freshman at Columbia College (’17) who doesn’t really know what she is going to study. She finds technology fascinating, particularly the development of artificial intelligence. In her free time she likes sampling sweets in different bakeries, people-watching on walks in the city, and watching good action movies.






Alexander Bernstein is a Columbia College sophomore (’16) looking to complete a degree in Economics. Last semester, his CSR column “Emerging Epidemics” was primarily preoccupied with various viral and bacterial outbreaks across the globe. This semester he will look to broaden his writing to include as many exciting scientific news as is possible. Alex is a diehard LA Lakers fan, a true foodie, and an enthusiastic writer excited to continue his work with CSR.

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