Executive Board

William Su Headshot


William Su is a junior at Columbia College (’15) majoring in Biochemistry and is planning on pursuing a career in the medical field. In his free time, he enjoys working out, running, hanging out in the city and playing basketball.




Public Relations Chair:

Victor Castano is a sophomore in Columbia College (’16) and is a prospective Biology major with a concentration in Anthropology. He enjoys whipping up a good meal (specialties include: Arroz Español, various meats and a personal favorite, Cup of Noodles) and throwing a frisbee around on the lawns. His personal aspirations in life include: taking a trip to Europe and learning to play the guitar. Professionally, he wants to study medicine with the ultimate goal of bringing society closer to more effective treatments and possible cures for cancer.




Forrest Huang is a sophomore at the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science (’16) majoring in Industrial Engineering Operation Research. He likes to listen to music ranging from hip-hop to jazz. His favorite colors are red and black. Besides science, he is also interested in baking and reading philosophical articles on NY Times. His career ambition is to join the finance industry and visit every continent.




Amy Xia is a freshman at Columbia College (’17) who plans on majoring in Biology. She was born in New York, moved to California, then Texas, and is now rounding off her circle around the USA here in New York again. She finds energy in talking about ideas (especially those heart-to-heart conversations at 4am) and in working with passionate, motivated people. Her conversations will be sprinkled with chemistry puns, periodically, although most of the good ones Argon. You’ll find her harmonizing to your favorite song, laughing at even your worst jokes, and excitedly supporting your endeavors, big and small. She hopes to pursue a career in medical research and/or practice. More importantly, she hopes to follow her motto: “Do well and do good.”


Organizational Committee Members:



Adrian Meyers is a junior at Columbia College (’15) and is an Astrophysics major. He spends his free time writing & editing codes, playing sports, and catching up on his favorite T.V. series such as “Walking Dead”. In the future he hopes to travel the world and become fluent in Mandarin and Portuguese, but professionally he aspires to conduct research as an astrophysicist.





Alex Lee is a freshman in Columbia College (’17) expecting to major in Biophysics or Biochemistry. He enjoys playing volleyball and basketball with friends and will (almost) always be down to head to Dodge for a quick game/pepper. In the future, he hopes to live in France again and continue to study the French language and culture while pursuing a career in scientific research, business, or patent law. Alex does not usually drink coffee but he is always open to hanging out over a cup of tea!



Jonathan Rong Li is a freshman at Columbia College (’17) and is a prospective Economics-Mathematics major. He enjoys reading, listening to music, playing the violin and piano, and watching sports. Upon graduating, he would either like to work in pure math research or go into finance. His long-term ambitions include becoming more fluent in Mandarin Chinese, learning Korean and Japanese, and expanding his musicianship to include jazz. While usually a quiet person, Jonathan enjoys meeting new people and talking about anything from science to music.

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